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    The high cost of college is no secret. Shmoop wanted to create a way for people to earn credits without breaking the bank. At only $87.68 per month, College Plus is a very wise investment.

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    How to Earn College Credit with Shmoop


    oneChoose the ACE CREDIT®-recommended courses you want to take. 

    Yes, we said courses plural. Our courses are self-paced, packed with pop-culture references, and totally snore-proof. Once you take one, you'll want to take them all.

    twoCheck with your school about their transfer credit policy.


    This one's a biggie. Shmoop offers optional online proctoring, so you'll want to ask your chosen school what their policy is so that you know if you'll need to take advantage of that extra-secure option. (More on proctoring below.)

    threeTake the course on Shmoop and ace those exams along the way.


    And by "ace," we mean "earn a 70% or higher overall grade in the course." That's the minimum score you need to earn for a course to be eligible for transfer credit. Straight A's are also totally acceptable.




    Transfer your newly-earned college credit to your accredited college or university.*

    In just a few clicks, you can turn that Shmoop course into real-life transfer credit at one of 2,000+ schools that consider ACE CREDIT® recommendations.

    *ACE transferable credit can only be transferred with a paid subscription and cannot be transferred during the 24-hour free trial period.


    Schools Across the U.S. Are Ready to Accept Your Transfer Credit





    Over 2,000 colleges and universities consider ACE CREDIT® recommendations.


    Search the school list here to find the perfect school for your needs. Then, sign up for Shmoop College Plus and make moves towards your college degree!



    Our Partner Schools


    In case all the schools that accept ACE CREDIT® weren't already enough for you to consider, Shmoop has also partnered with the schools below. Transferring credit from Shmoop to each school below will be a breeze—that way you can put all your energy into studying.

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    Shmoop ACE CREDIT® Recommended Courses



    Algebra I

    Finite Math

    Mathematics II

    Pre-Algebra II

    Algebra II


    Mathematics III



    Mathematics I

    Pre-Algebra I








    Literature and Humanities

    American Literature

    Classical Literature

    Foundations of Literature

    Introduction to Film Studies

    Literature in the Media

    Shakespeare's Plays

    Women's Literature

    The Bible as Literature

    Contemporary Literature

    Holocaust Literature

    Introduction to Poetry

    Modernist Literature

    Victorian Literature

    British Literature

    Drugs in Literature

    Introduction to Drama

    Literature 101

    Shakespeare in Context

    Western Literature


    Psychology, History, and Social Sciences

    American National Government

    Foundations of Education

    Introduction to Art History

    U.S. History: 1492-1877

    Comparative Government and Politics

    History of Technology

    Modern European History

    U.S. History: 1877-Present

    Economics 101

    Human Sexuality

    Psychology 101

    World Geography



    Introduction to Biology Introduction to Chemistry Introduction to Physics


    Business and Communication

    Accounting 101: Financial Accounting

    Introduction to Marketing

    Personal Finance

    Principles of Management

    Business Communication

    Journalism 101

    Pop Culture Literacy

    Professional Writing

    Introduction to E-Commerce

    Media Literacy

    Principles of Finance



    Frequently Asked Questions


    Am I seriously going to get college credit?

    Yeppers. Our ACE CREDIT® recommended courses are considered for college credit at over 2,000 colleges and universities. This isn't just a print-it-for-your-fridge kind of certificate. It's the real deal.


    How long does it take to finish a course?

    Depends. You'll work at your own pace, so if you decide to pull a few all-nighters, you can finish a course in a week or two. (College courses meet for 2-4 hours/week for 12 weeks, and our courses take about the same amount of time to complete.)


    What do I need to do to earn credit?

    Read as much of the material as necessary, take every unit exam and the final exam, and earn a 70% or higher overall grade. Yep, that's that.


    I flubbed. Can I retake a test?

    Yes. But just once. This may be the land of the free, but we're not handing out college credit to anyone with a computer. You'll get one chance to retake each unit test and final exam, and then...that's it.


    How much does it cost?

    Compared to our competitors, basically nothing. You're looking at $87.68/month (plus a proctoring fee of $23 for each final exam you decide to take with proctoring). So even if you used Shmoop's courses for an entire year, it would cost you just over a thousand bucks. We're not even gonna do the math to compare that to what it would cost for a year of college.


    How does optional online proctoring work?

    In order to be eligible for transfer credit, you'll need to earn a 70% or higher overall grade in the ACE CREDIT® recommended course by taking a series of unit tests and a final exam that test your subject knowledge. The Final Exam has the option to be administered by a third-party proctor (thanks, ProctorU) who ensures the identity of the test-taker and the integrity of the test-taking environment.


    Proctoring is optional for our ACE CREDIT® recommended course Final Exams. Please check with the college or university where you hope to transfer your credits to see if they require proctoring. If they do...well, use it. You'll have the choice to choose proctored or non-proctored when you get to the Final Exam in each course. During the proctored test, the proctor will have access to your webcam and microphone. Each proctored session costs $23.


    For a complete list of proctoring requirements and to schedule an exam, click here.




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